Music Take Me Places

Little gives more joy than immersing yourself in a local music scene and its history. It not only broadens your musical horizon but will always leave you with a great overall impression of the place you’re visiting and the people living there. This happens in the most direct of ways because when you’re exploring and digging for music, you inevitably get to know the locals and their ways.

I feel extremely lucky with the friends I’ve met across the globe through a mutual passion for music and this has ultimately given me the idea to choose a city, country or era as the central theme for a mix series. In addition, lots of music I find while traveling isn’t necessarily suitable for the clubs or festivals, so with these mixes I hope to give these records and their makers a time to shine here rather than gathering dust on the shelves.

Hopefully this approach can be a source of information for those undertaking a similar quest. I’ll share the bits of collected knowledge I wish I had known before. Details on artists/labels/producers/dj’s/compilations and recordshops/markets will be added systematically as to provide you a head start before your journey.

The series will launch in January 2023, kicking things off with a journey into the sounds of Israel. Ranging from the more traditional Greek, Yemenite, Arabic and Jewish influences to the modern developments of Free Jazz or Punk, Israel has an incredibly rich musical history and makes for a perfect first stop.

MTMP01 – Israel

Please note that these mixes are by no means definitive. The idea is merely to share the music I personally encountered and fell in love with. It is certainly not a collection of rarest and most obscure but rather a selection of what was available and caught the ear.
For some, the music will be unknown territory but for locals some of the tracks might be old news, maybe local chart hits or TV themes they have heard a million times…or have not heard in ages. It could be interesting for them to see what pieces of local music most quickly spark the interest of an outsider.

Great music needs to be exposed, not hoarded. The search for sounds that move and inspire us is endless so please, if you like to get involved then please get in touch. Let’s talk, let’s share, let’s trade and celebrate the vast musical universe the past has left us to explore.