://about blank, Berlin – 05.06.19

After our joint venture at ://about blank last summer, we team up with Belgian label ensemble again for a session at our favourite Berlin spot. For the occasion, MTMU invited by NYC’s very own GE-OLOGY for an extended set , while ensemble goes Djax-Up-Beats with a live set by Eindhoven’s legendary Terrace aka Stefan Robbers while Rush Hour’s Margie will warm up the MDF Floor.

Lobby Floor (MTMU):
GE-OLOGY (NYC) – Extended Set

MDF Floor (ensemble):
➜ Terrace (NL, Djax, Eevo Lute Muzique) – LIVE Set
Margie (NL, Rush Hour)
Kong & Gratts (BE, ensemble)

Wednesday 05.06.19 – music from 00:00
RA: https://bit.ly/2YjAdFJ

://about blank, Berlin – 27.09.19

For the next instalment of our MTMU x ensemble parties in Berlin, one room will be dedicated to the captivating sounds of Belgium in the ’80s and ’90s. After a true revival of New Beat, Acid House, Rave and Trance throughout the last few years in the form of books, compilations and the enthralling documentary The Sound Of Belgium, we find only very few DJ’s manage to grasp and recreate the electric atmosphere found in Belgium’s rich club history insightfully: enter Geert Sermon, Max Erotic and Nick Berlin.

Club Belgique is the brainchild of Red D and San Soda. As Max and Nick, they throw parties honouring the dark, sexy and unique vibe that made the Belgian club scene pretty much the spitting image of the country itself: rather strange but mostly very interesting. Geert Sermon is the owner of Doctor Vinyl, a well-respected record store in the center of Brussels, and one of the brains behind TSOB. A rare opportunity to catch this true veteran in Berlin: expect the sound that was, the sound that is and the sound that will always be.

The second floor is hosted by Ca$hminus who invited Jamie Tiller among other talented locals bringing you a mixture of Asi Acid, Leftfield Jams, Italo, Electro, Rave, Synths and EBM.

Lobby Floor: Ca$hminus

Jamie Tiller (Music From Memory – UK)
➜ E-Talking (Whities – FR)
Ca$hminus (Bordello A Parigi, Ca$hminus Music – DE)
Murrin & Gill (Fandango – IRE)

MDF Floor: Club Belgique

➜ Nick Berlin (MTMU, We Play House – BE)
➜ Max Erotic (We Play House – BE)
➜ Geert Sermon (Doctor Vinyl, The Sound of Belgium – BE)
➜ Slippery Crisps (Spaghetti – AUS)

Friday 27.09.19 – music from 00:00
RA: https://bit.ly/2YIDZgg

Charlatan, Ghent – 20.07.18

Soundtracking the cosmic verandah of Howard Arkley’s suburban weatherboard paradise, Wax’o Paradiso’s splendid krautback discoteque consists of magic possums Andy Hart, Edd Fisher and Simon TK.

Dubbed the Dimboola triangle of lost groove, Wax’o has popped up in oating rooftop gardens, luscious convents, shipping containers, train yards, supernatural amphitheatres and smack bang under the Sydney Harbour bridge.

United by a penchant for kitsch Australian psychedelia and a firm belief that Pavlova is indeed the Queen of the dessert, the Wax’o Paradiso family is hell bent on getting you hell bent.

This is the third possum-installment at our favorite den of iniquity in Ghent during the unmissable Gentse Feesten: Charlatan. These have been proven quite legendary over the last years so make note and join us in the Barbaar side-room.

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Interview Joël Hannier incl. live footage Zohra

We managed to retrieve some vintage footage that includes Zohra singing Badala Zamana live in the recording studio. The footage comes from an interview with Joël Hannier, co-writer of the song on French television. It contains some insights on the life of the artist and his working methods.

The Zohra – Badala Zamana 7″ reissue including original and extended version will be out soon and is already available for pre-order through Bandcamp here.

MTMB 01: Zohra – Badala Zamana (7″)

Zohra Aissaoui – Writer & Singer

The first reissue project takes us back to the year 1977 when Algerian singer Zohra recorded her first and only single.

Born in 1950 near Constantine and raised on a parental diet of traditional Arabic music, Zohra quickly took up singing and playing the guitar and kept doing so after she and her family moved to the North of France. Playing gala events and receptions during her first years in France it took an encounter with multi-talented instrumentalist, composer, arranger and conductor Joël Hannier to take her into the world of recorded music.

Joël Hannier’s experience in writing and interpreting music for ballets, television, orchestras and a vast array of French and international musicians made sure their collaboration – sung in a Berber dialect – was destined for success. The title track ‘Badala Zamana’ gets picked up by various radio stations, most notably in Arabic speaking countries.

Joël Hannier – Writer

In France the song did not go unnoticed either, but until today – although championed by Habibi Funk among a few others – it remains relatively unearthed.

The 7″ reissue will include the original version next to an extended edit for those still hungry after those original three minutes of Arab disco bliss.

Order on Bandcamp here.