MTMB 02: U.X.B. – Sting Me (12″)

Keith PoleSecond release on our MTMB (Music Take Me Back) reissue series features two amazing dance floor tracks by U.X.B., the six-piece disco band founded by lead singer Keith Pole in the early 80’s. Both “Sting Me” and “Your Starring” were dedicated to Keith’s first love who he eventually married. After being featured on a Disconet Program Service compilation in 1982, Sting Me was later picked up by Belgian label Rainbow to receive a single release including an extended vocal and dub version. A 7″ single came out as well and included the otherwise unreleased “Your Starring”.

All three tracks were remastered and pressed on a loud and heavy 12″ providing that extra sparkle for club use. Both the record and the digital download are available through our Bandcamp or you can find it at your local record store (distribution by Rush Hour).

Considering the title of this EP, we thought this also was the perfect excuse to draw some attention to the current issue of insects disappearing in unprecedented numbers. By purchasing the record you automatically donate 1 euro to Bug Life and more specifically to their B-Lines Initiative. More info can be found here.