://about blank, Berlin – 27.09.19

For the next instalment of our MTMU x ensemble parties in Berlin, one room will be dedicated to the captivating sounds of Belgium in the ’80s and ’90s. After a true revival of New Beat, Acid House, Rave and Trance throughout the last few years in the form of books, compilations and the enthralling documentary The Sound Of Belgium, we find only very few DJ’s manage to grasp and recreate the electric atmosphere found in Belgium’s rich club history insightfully: enter Geert Sermon, Max Erotic and Nick Berlin.

Club Belgique is the brainchild of Red D and San Soda. As Max and Nick, they throw parties honouring the dark, sexy and unique vibe that made the Belgian club scene pretty much the spitting image of the country itself: rather strange but mostly very interesting. Geert Sermon is the owner of Doctor Vinyl, a well-respected record store in the center of Brussels, and one of the brains behind TSOB. A rare opportunity to catch this true veteran in Berlin: expect the sound that was, the sound that is and the sound that will always be.

The second floor is hosted by Ca$hminus who invited Jamie Tiller among other talented locals bringing you a mixture of Asi Acid, Leftfield Jams, Italo, Electro, Rave, Synths and EBM.

Lobby Floor: Ca$hminus

Jamie Tiller (Music From Memory – UK)
➜ E-Talking (Whities – FR)
Ca$hminus (Bordello A Parigi, Ca$hminus Music – DE)
Murrin & Gill (Fandango – IRE)

MDF Floor: Club Belgique

➜ Nick Berlin (MTMU, We Play House – BE)
➜ Max Erotic (We Play House – BE)
➜ Geert Sermon (Doctor Vinyl, The Sound of Belgium – BE)
➜ Slippery Crisps (Spaghetti – AUS)

Friday 27.09.19 – music from 00:00